What are the chemical ingredients for the production of candles?


Wax solid lighting products, usually made of cylindrical, cotton core in the core, known as the candle core, burning point yarn to light. The appearance of ordinary candles is cylindrical, solid, milky white. No matter what kind of candles are feel creamy, difficult to dissolve in water, the density is smaller than the water.
Main classification

There are many types of candle production, in accordance with the purpose of the general can be divided into daily lighting candles (ordinary candles) and crafts candles (special purpose candles) two categories. Lighting candles are relatively simple, usually white polished candles. Process candles can be subdivided into a variety of, first of all can be divided into jelly candles and aromatherapy candles. (Such as the birth of candles), the shape is also due to need to be made in various forms (such as spiral, digital, etc.), can be innovative, decorative, ornamental, functional in one.

In addition, the candle can be divided into two kinds of coarse wax and glossy wax, the surface of the general rough wax often with a taste, above a layer of frost, different rough wax will bring a different smell, such as in the bedroom can Put some lavender candles, play a hypnotic, sedative effect, in the bathroom can be placed in the smell of the sea candles, summer can also put some pine candles to drive mosquitoes; and smooth wax without taste, wax body surface is very smooth , Easy to make a beautiful shape.

Candles in accordance with the shape of the general can be divided into extruded cylindrical wax, pointed bamboo wax, torch wax, wax, round head wax, flat hair wax, there are many kinds of colors. These candles in the use of some more particular about, such as pointed bamboo wax, suitable for eating in the candlestick, placed in the middle of the dinner table, especially in Western food commonly used, if the home decoration is European style, can also be placed in the living room as Decorations. Waxing wax common in the bar, in a container vessel pouring water, put the wax on the water, it floats on the water, secret candle do not have some atmosphere. Waxing in the use of young people in the home more, especially between lovers, candlelight dinner can not only use the tip of bamboo wax, wax will bring good results.

In addition, the same kind of candles are also divided into many sizes, such as extruded cylindrical wax has four sizes: 8 × 25 cm, 8 × 20 cm, 7 x 15 cm, 7 x 10 cm.

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