The role of candle core


Candle core here is actually a capillary phenomenon of the generator. Because the candle is not crystal, so the candle from the solid into liquid and then into the gaseous (paraffin vapor) to completely burn, just ignite the candle, paraffin heated to paraffin water. At this time due to capillary phenomenon, paraffin water after the candle core to reach the top of the candle. At this time the paraffin water was heated with the heat of the match of the paraffin wax into paraffin steam. Since the reaction area increases after heating, it is liable to be ignited. So when we put out the candle, we saw a ray of white smoke generated. This is because just in the burning of paraffin steam and cold air again condensate. If you then match the match to the candle core near the white smoke, the candle will resume burning.

As for why the candle will burn, in the flame part of the candle core in the middle of the paraffin steam has been burned, so the upper part of the cotton thread is left, so the cotton thread was ignited. This is the candle core will burn the shorter reason.

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