Research Report on China 's Candle Core Industry Development


China's candle core industry development problems, many cases are not optimistic, such as industrial structure is irrational, industry focused on labor-intensive products; technology-intensive products significantly lagged behind the developed industrial countries; factors of production decisive role is weakening; industrial energy consumption Large, low output rate, serious environmental pollution, destructive natural resources; the overall size of enterprises is too small, the technological innovation ability is weak, the management level is backward and so on. 

From what angle analysis of China's candle core industry development? In what way to evaluate the development of China candle core industry? China candle core industry development orientation and prospects of what? China candle core industry development and the current economic hot issues related to how ... ... and so on, are candle core industry development must face and solve the problem - China candle core industry development has reached the fork; China candle core industry production enterprises need to choose to develop direction.  

China candle core industry development research report describes the development process of the world candle core industry, analysis of China candle core industry development status and gap, pioneered the "new candle core industry" and substitutes industry concept, on this basis, From the four dimensions that "people-oriented", "scientific and technological innovation", "environment-friendly" and "future-oriented" to accurately define the "new candle core industry" and the connotation of alternative products. According to the "new candle core industry" and the evaluation system and the quantitative index system of the substitute, the deduction and precision prediction of the development of the Chinese candle core industry from a new angle are carried out. On this basis, the administrative divisions of China and the four metropolitan areas The candle core industry development carried out a comprehensive study.

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