The quality of the candle core


I produced the candle core cotton yarn is 100% cotton, fiber length in the long, even dry, tough and strong. Candle core packaging focus on clean, finished candle core is sealed in the carton of plastic bags, to ensure that the dust is not outside the pollution, to ensure that the candle burning candy burning effect when the full. Lit candles when the candle core will be slightly bent into about 45 degrees, the top of the candle core to form a bright spot, to avoid the formation of carbon deposition. Candle core according to the candle diameter ratio is good, burning will not smoke and tears. And my company's candle core in the burning will not produce on the human health impact of the material.

We are determined in the candle core production process and chemical treatment to achieve environmental protection and the safety of human health. We are very white on the candle core processing is not very white, because the brightness is good and poor will not have any impact on the quality of candles, candle core bleaching process will be harmful to the environment, distinguished you please understand and thank you for your support, Our future production will be environmentally friendly candle core.

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